How to Add Karmabot App for Microsoft Teams?

Karmabot is an in-chat tool that will help you to track and measure the short, medium and long term team performance by using some simple commands, with the help of this tool; you can monitor the work performed. Reward excellence and the future works list. Now, this tool will work for Microsoft teams.

How to Work on Karambit for Microsoft Teams?

We have discussed earlier, Karmabot is able to build a profile detailing the strengths of each member of the team.

  • After doing it, teammates are able to reward each other with karma points.
  • Then the karma points awarded to the team members can be converted into a monetary or specific reward.
  • Each of the teammates gets a share of the bonus based on the Karma earned through a specific team member is compared to the total team of Karma gains.
  • It will help you to see the composition of another team members.
  • You can get the latest Karmas by the status displayed under Dashboard. 

Steps to Add Karmabot for Microsoft Teams:- 

You can follow the below given steps to add Karma app for Microsoft Teams.

  • To start the process, first of all, you need to visit on
  • Then you need to pick the team which you want KarmaBot to join.
  • Now, you need to install Karmabot from here.
  • Usually, to read Karmabot use the Natural Language Understanding and machine technologies.
  • It uses the NLU to identify and predict the reasons provided with Karma requests to make a profile for each of the team members.
  • The metrics understood by Karmabot are:

1- Reliability
2- Teamwork
3- Communication
4- Goals

  • You can get the metrics in the Karmabot control panel of both Moderators and regular members.
  • You can so get the more information using moderators by moving to the karma section.
  • At last, scroll down into the category column to get the metrics.
  • Both of the categories and reasons are editable from the mentioned table that you have seen on your screen.

Hopefully, this post will definitely help you to add Karmabot app for Microsoft Teams. Please follow each given instruction to save your time and efforts.

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