How to Boost the Broadband Connection Speed

In order to get a good web experience, fast and constant internet connection is necessary. Slow internet is hugely frustrating and decreases the web experience. Many individuals usually think that slow internet connection speed is due to the broadband provider. However, several factors such as system software, router, the positioning of the router, etc., can affect the internet speed. Here are some tips to help you speed up your broadband connection:

1- Test the speed

In case you do not know the broadband connection speed, then you must check now. Just access any online speed checker and see the speed of your broadband connection. This way you will get an idea of how slow your broadband connection really is.

2- Update the web browser

Updates for web browsers keep getting released from time to time. Users often fail to update their browsing software. If you are using an outdated version of the web browser, then it might act slow, and the web pages may get loaded at a snail pace. Moreover, select an excellent high-speed browsing program such as Edge or Chrome. For instance, if you are still stuck with Internet Explorer, then you will notice a considerable increase in the web surfing speed when you use Chrome or Edge.

3- Relocate the router

Where the router is placed can affect the speed of the internet. For this reason, you need to position the router in a place where there are no obstructions between the router and the connected device. For instance, if the router is in the dining room and the device is in the bedroom, then move the router or the device to the other room so that both of them are in close proximity. Moreover, make sure that no gadgets that emit wireless signals or microwaves are kept near the router.

4- Tweak the Wi-Fi settings

The Wi-Fi router comes with various settings that can have an impact on the broadband connection speed. Users can modify and alter these settings in order to optimize the internet speed. For instance, secure your wireless network by adding a password. The connection speed could be slow because your neighbors might be using your Wi-Fi.

5- Clean the system

Several programs on your device might be making use of the internet without your knowledge. Updates, scans, IM apps, and unclosed browser tabs, etc., can slow down the internet speed. In order to increase the broadband connection speed, just close the apps and services you are not using. Open the Task Manager to see the list of currently running apps, and shut those you are not using.

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