How To Fix Microsoft Edge Stops Media Playing When Minimized?

At present, Microsoft’s Edge browser is one of the popular web browsers among the users of Windows 10 in the market. Recently, Microsoft is launching some of the important updates constantly to improve the performance of the end user. But nowadays, we got an issue from the Microsoft Edge browser stops media playing when minimized. So in this article, we will discuss this issue.

The Error is Edge stops media playing when minimized 

Recently, some of the users are complaining that when they play the audio or video media in the Edge browser, and for any reasons if they have minimized the Edge to the taskbar, and then they get back to the browser with the intention of resuming the audio or video play,  the browser stops playing media altogether.

In a related context, the media and even an audio stop playing when the screensaver starts. If you are trying to resolve the browser issue, then you need to allow Microsoft Edge to begin in the background that by default will be disabled. After letting the Edge browser to start in the background, the Microsoft Edge can be able to retrieve all of the data or information, stay up-to-date and even send a notification when users are not using this app.

The reason for this switch off is that the apps running in the background are to save the power of the battery. Turning on the Battery Saver would limit the background activity and reduces the power usage of apps which are running in the background One can choose all the apps to run in the background or select for only some of the apps to start in the background to save some battery power and improve the battery life endurance on your device. It is also essential noting that this background setting should be applied to any app which plays media or an audio file. In this post, we will explain a process to troubleshoot this issue.

How to allow the Microsoft Edge app to run in the background:-

  • First of all, you need to go to the Start menu and then search for Settings and open the Settings section.
  • After that, you need to move to Privacy section.
  • Then search and place the Background apps from the list menu that is placed at the left column of the page.
  • Now select the Microsoft Edge app and then you have to turn on the toggle button to let the Microsoft Edge run in the background.
  • If this process doesn’t work to resolve this issue, then you need to check for the latest the latest available Windows 10 updates, and then you need to install them.

Hope that, this solution will help you to get immediate rid with this Microsoft issue.

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