How to Run Chrome’s Anti-malware Built-in Tool?

The Chrome built-in malware scanner works in the background on your PC. It will help you to keep your eye on user’s virus- and malware-free. As we know, infected software is rising day by day, and IT’s job is doing work to block these code to get the user computer system way. However, as it’s job to serve as the front line assembly of defense, but it doesn’t mean they can’t empower their users and user tools to give a hand. Many chances are used through the company to prevent malware from entering.

No doubt that each malware solution is effective. But when Google launched a built-in anti-malware tool which was announced way back in 2017, it meant that Chrome browser users will enjoy an added active feature to prevent malware.

There is one caveat for this antivirus software is that it will not allow for all purposes. It is not able to scan user computer system for any threats. It will scan all of the known malware from the Chrome browser. It is more enough, as many malware threats are picked up while using a browser.

Google has done a lead roll in its malware scanner, and one runs in the background so long as Chrome is open and can also be run manually. This built-up tool comes with only in the Windows version of Chrome, so for the Linux and Mac OS users are not able to use it.  Now, we will discuss how to use this added level tool of defense against malware on Windows.

The requirement for it:-

To add this tool, you need for a Windows machine, running an updated version of Chrome. If you want to check your version, then you need to launch the Chrome, click on the Menu button, and then select the About Chrome. If you’re using an old version, then you need update it immediately.

How to start this tool?

The use of the built-in malware scanner tool is very easy.

  • The first thing to do, launch the Chrome and then type the http://chrome/settings/cleanup in the search bar.
  • Then click on the enter button, and the tool will show on your screen.
  • Now click on the FIND button and then you need to run the scanner.
  • If you don’t click on the FIND button, then the scanner will automatically run of its own accord.
  • The scanner will do own work and report you back that your system is clean.

What does the scanner look for?

As per the report of the official Google Blog, the developers worked with ESET to combine the Chrome sandbox technology with ESET’s detection engine to make a system that will be able to remove the software that doesn’t comply with Google’s unwanted software policy.

However, this scanner does run automatically (it’s not, however, real-time), should you download a file or suspect something is going on, run the scanner manually.

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