How to Troubleshoot Machine Check Exception Blue Screen Error in Windows 10

Sometimes, you may notice that suddenly your Windows screen shows a blue screen. The user can be surprised to see this happening on their Windows PC and they may get worried about it. Also, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors are among the toughest to resolve. In this case, you can simply shut down or restart your computer system, and at times it is not possible to boot Windows again. There are many blue screen errors, nut in all of them; one is really more difficult that is:


While this error is not so easy to solve is that it usually occurs soon after Windows loads. So you will need to give a little time to resolve the issue. Apart from this, it can also be possible that your computer system usually freezes before this blue screen error shuts it down.

Cause of this error

This Machine Check Exception Stop Error can occur due to failure or overloading of hardware components. If you have to see this Blue Screen on your Windows 10/8/7, then you are at right place. This post is providing some suggestions that will help you to Troubleshoot Machine Check Exception blue screen Error.

Usually, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error can occur with the drivers. So, the best prevention would be to update Windows on time.

Alongside, the Blue Screen of Death issue might also be because of an incomplete or lousy update, that might have to be rolled back. The problem might be with the hardware as well.

Fix Machine Check Exception blue screen Error in Windows 10

In case, if you are able to log in to the system, then you could update Windows and also update the device drivers.

However, we have already discussed earlier, and it is not easy to stay logged in to Windows 10 for long with this issue.

  • In this issue, you should try to boot the system in Safe Mode.
  • After logging in through Safe Mode, you can be able to update Windows OS and the drivers.

If this process doesn’t work to solve this issue, then you can try to download and installing hardware drivers from the trusted website.

If nothing helps you, then we will suggest you rolling back drivers. Because it can be possible that the drivers might be updated to the latest version, they could be corrupt.

If the above given resolving process will don’t work, you might have to carry out Startup Repair.

  • To do this, press the Shift key.
  • And then press the Restart button to boot to Advanced Startup Options screen.
  • After that, click on the Troubleshoot > Advanced Option > Startup Repair.

We hope that this tutorial will work for you to Troubleshoot Machine Check Exception blue screen Error in Windows 10. Please read carefully to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

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