How to Modify the Auto-save time interval in Office Apps?

If you are getting any trouble to save your work while using any of the Microsoft Office apps, then you no need to worry about that. Recently, Microsoft has released a feature, and it will help you to autosave your work directly. The name of the function is- Auto-save or Auto-recover. So, if your computer system crashes or your Office app is not doing job correctly, then it is possible, you won’t lose your work.

Although, some of the users are very fast in creating and editing documents. They tend to make a big list of changes even before the Office App auto saves their work in the background. So, if your computer system crashes before the autosave takes place, this big list of modifications will go away and could not be recovered. Some of the people would change this time period for Autosave.

In this article, we will discuss how to do it on Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other productivity apps that are included with the Office Suite from Microsoft. It is no doubt that these options it comes with Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010.

This post will help you to turn on and increase, decrease or change the Auto-save time interval in your Office software in some of the office apps such as- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. with the help of some steps, and you can also disable this auto-save feature.

Start the Process to Change the Auto-save Time Interval Feature:- 

  • Launch the Office software whose autosave interval you wish to change.
  • For example- we can use the Word 2016.
  • Open the Word 2016 and click on the File in the central menu ribbon.
  • Then click on the Options (In Word 2016) or Word Options in previous releases of the suite of Office program.
  • A new window will open on your screen.
  • In this window, go to the left column tab and select the menu labeled as Save.
  • Then go to the right side which is placed under the Save documents section.
  • You will see a checkbox option that’s giving a message Save AutoRecover information every _ minutes.
  • You have to make sure that checkbox is checked.
  • There you can select period of Autosave in minutes as per your wish.
  • Click on OK on the bottom right portion of the window to save your changes.
  • Also, if you want that Word should not automatically save your documents, then you need to uncheck the box beside the option which means Save AutoRecover information every _ minutes and then click on the “OK” option.

Suggestion- You can use this procedure for all the apps in the Office Suite for Windows. There is no matter what you are using 2016, 2013 or 2010, and this tutorial works just fine. This process is already verified with Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and Access 2016. So we have to make sure that it will help you with other applications of the Office suite such as- Project 2016, Visio 2016 and more.

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