Ways to Use Bubble and Screen Effects in iMessage

Messages have gone through a makeover in iOS 12 and just like iOS11 and 10, it focuses on bringing the fun out. It includes effects for iPhone or iPad that make the bubbles loud, slam, gentle or invisible or turns the whole screen to confetti, balloons, lasers, fireworks or shooting stars. It is given below how to make iMessage better. 

How to add bubble effects to my iMessages?

  1. Type the message you are willing to send.
  2. Hit firmly or long press on the send button. It will be like an upward pointing arrow.
  3. Choose Bubble tab at the top, If it is not selected already.
  4. Click on the effect you want to apply.
  5. Select any, Gentle, Slam, Loud or Invisible Ink.
  6. Click on the Send button to the right of effect you chose.

How to cancel bubble effect in iMessage?

If you change your mind regarding sending a bubble effect, tap Cancel button at the bottom of the effects list.

What is the contribution of bubble effects in iMessage?

  1. Gentle– it sends a tiny bubble that slips into place.
  2. Slam– it stamps bubble down and makes entire screen wavey.
  3. Loud– It sends a giant bubble that shakes before settling down to place.
  4. Invisible Ink– It covers the bubble in animated noise and blurs it till you swipe it out. 

Will the bubble effect show up in Mac?

The Mac can receive Invisible Ink bubble effect if you are running macOS Sierra.

How to add screen effects to my iMessages?

  1. Type the message you want to send.
  2. Hit firmly or long press on the SEnd button.
  3. Choose the Screen tab at the top.
  4. Swipe from right to left to switch between the effects you want t to apply: Shooting stars, fireworks, lasers, confetti, and balloons.
  5. Click on Send button to the right of your message.

How to cancel screen effect in iMessage?

  1. You can replay bubble and screen effect in an iMessage by following these steps:
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Choose and open the conversation in which you want to view the effects.
  4. Search message with an effect attached and press Replay button to view effect again.

How to use Message effects with Reduce Motion on?

If you are using reduced motion setting on your iPhone or iPad, you have the option to automatically play Message effects. You can use it by:

  1. Opening Settings.
  2. Tapping on General.
  3. Tapping on Accessibility.
  4. Tap on reduce motion.
  5. Flip Reduce Motion to On position.
  6. Flip Auto Play Message Effects switch to on position.

What does the screen effect do in iMessage?

Celebration– Fireworks and festivities will show up on iPhone.

Shooting stars– It starts starburst shooting from the left of the screen.

Fireworks– it Sets multi-color fireworks from the center of the screen.

Lasers– It fills the screen with so many lasers and sound.

Love– A big heart will appear to expand and pop from your recent message.

Confetti– It drops multicolor confetti from top of the screen.

Balloons– It sends multicolor balloons expanding and flying from the bottom right of the screen.

Spotlight– It put a spotlight on your incoming message.

Echo– It floods the screen of your recipient and has your text duplicate.

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